Silver Eagle Sales Gets a New Years Goose



The US Mint has reported strong sales of their 2013 1-ounce silver coins, which is customary during this time of season. Reports place the current sales at 6,007,000. The reason we can be so confident about this number, is it will be static for the next couple weeks, due to a brief suspension in sales, which will last through January 28, 2013.

The surging sales mirror the expected strong interest among investors, who are likely looking for a safe haven to stash their loot. As the suspension was announced on Friday, the market lit up with interest. Now, the wait begins, as investors guess if the demand will dwindle as in the past, or if the spike will become long-term, due to the fiscal play on the U.S. debt ceiling.

Either way, we’d like to assume that the iShares Silver Trust (ARCA:SLV), which has been confirmed at a 572-metric ton increase in holdings, is a sign of a fruitful first quarter for the new year silver investor.



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