Get Some Sleep America, You’re Killing Yourselves!


The results of sleep polls gathered by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) are not good. It would appear that American’s are destroying their health and lives, simply because they aren’t getting enough daily sleep.

The results show:

  • 12% are consistently late for work, due to hitting their snooze alarm or not waking up period.

  • 29% have taken a snooze while on the job, and the kicker is… they didn’t mean to.

  • 36% nod off at the wheel, with a staggering 26% admitting this is a normal occurrence to and from work.

  • 14% have missed an important family event due to being too sleepy, and this was not just an excuse not to go (at least they don’t think so).

  • 20% have lost interest in sex, simply because they are too sleepy. This is definitely worse than the 90 percent of men who fall asleep after sex.

But don’t feel bad America, according to other polls, 48 percent of Englishmen have fallen asleep during sex. But this could be at the fault of boredom, rather than sleepiness!

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Get Some Sleep America, You’re Killing Yourselves!


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