How to Handle the Dwindling Supply of REM? Produce Less Waste!



Whether you are an investor or business owner, chances are you have some stock in the growing demand and diminishing supply of rare earth elements. Anthony Ku, of GE Global Research, spoke at the 2012 ALCHE Annual Meeting, stating that one of GE’s methods of dealing with the uncertainty of this volatile market, is to develop production methods that result in fewer waste.

One element in particular that was among their highest risk elements was rhenium. Rhenium is used as a dopant in superalloys for aircraft engines. In 2006, there was a huge crunch for this element and prices skyrocketed sixfold, with availability uncertain. GE worked with their suppliers on methods to better recover the element from waste products. They also worked to reduce the quantity of rhenium present in production waste streams and developed processes to recover more of the element from the waste streams.

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