VIDEO: A Mega-Metropolis of Ants Build the Equivalent to the Great Wall of China


If you thought Chicago was an impressive city, you haven’t seen what’s in-vogue with ant hills these days. Scientists spent three days pouring the equivalent to 10 tonnes of cement down an ant hill. Each day they believed they must be nearing the maximum capacity of the hill, only to find they needed to order in another cement truck. Once the hill was completely full, the scientists waited several days before beginning their excavation of the ants home.

As the video shows, the scientists were amazed at the sophistication of the architecture of the ant colony. To design included both its own fungus gardens and rubbish pits for the ants convenience. Tunnels branched out around the center mountain, reaching the equivalent length and sophistication as the Great Wall of China. Scientists estimate that the ants would have collectively needed to move 40 tonnes of sand just to create this mega-tropolis (megalopolis).

Nature is truly amazing!

(Story via The Atlantic)



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